Stephjoy Boys High School

Academic Excellence

Learner Centred Approach

Stephjoy Boys approaches academic instruction from the learner’s point of view. All our classes involve learner engagement in search for knowledge. Instead of drilling theories to students, we guide them on a path to discover knowledge for themselves in each subject area. This practical approach to learning has produced increased learner attention and remarkable content retention among students. Our learning approaches invoke students to be innovative, creative, adaptive, collaborators and networkers.

8 +
Years in Service
80 %
University Transition
2 k+

Modern Learning Facilities

For effective learning to occur, students must be provided with the right tools and facilities to acquire knowledge. At Stephjoy Boys, we spare no expense to make sure that all our students have adequate access to modern and well-maintained learning facilities such as Classrooms, Laboratories, Computer Labs, workshops, resource centres and much more

Parental Engagement in Learning

Stephjoy is a home away from home. We recognise that parents are important pillars to learner’s success. Before students are admitted in our schools, we first of all have a seminar for both students and parents to enable parental engagement in their children’s performance.

We engage both parents and students on the purpose of holistic education and most importantly in character building. Through seminars and workshops with parents, we form a strong tripartite (parents, teachers and student caucus).

Stephjoy Schools are STEM Schools

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Education will help transform education that is presently suffering business theories left over from the 80s and 90s. Currently in Africa, Most STEM jobs are performed by or outsourced to multinationals from other countries like China, Cuba, and other western Countries. Foreigners working for African governments are signing large infrastructure contracts instead of demanding that the workforce be sourced from local people. Development of local human resource is crucial for national growth.

This is the reason we purpose to major on STEM and technical so that we do not miss out in participating in national and international growth.

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